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Matthew Lucci Rio Grande Border Security

Secure Our Border

As a nation, we have a responsibility to protect our citizens and our borders. Illegal immigration and the flow of drugs (including deadly fentanyl) across our southern border pose a significant threat to our national security, economy, and way of life. In spite of his campaign promises, our current representative has chosen not to make border security a priority, putting our children's lives at risk. 

Securing the border is critical to ensuring the safety and security of our nation. This includes deploying additional Border Patrol agents, implementing advanced surveillance technologies, and strengthening cooperation with the Mexican government. It also means ending catch-and-release and reinstating the remain-in-Mexico policy. By securing the border, we can reduce the risk of terrorist attacks, prevent the flow of fentanyl and other drugs into America, and ensure that our immigration laws are enforced.

We need to complete the border wall. A physical barrier can prevent individuals from crossing into the United States illegally, making it more difficult for criminal organizations to smuggle drugs and engage in human trafficking. It will ultimately reduce the burden on our shoulders to support the cost of illegal immigration, including healthcare, education, and law enforcement. More importantly, this will keep our kids from being poisoned with fentanyl.


If you have an idea for securing our border, I want to hear what you have to say. Send me a message to make sure that your voice is heard.


It's time for a Representative who will finally fight for us.

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