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Matthew Lucci was a Factory Worker

Rebuilding Rural America

Rural communities are an integral part of our country, but our congressmen seem to forget about us when they go to Washington. Our communities face significant challenges, including outdated infrastructure and a lack of economic opportunity to attract and retain young professionals.

Rebuilding rural infrastructure is essential to supporting economic growth and development. The rural stretches of our district have crumbling infrastructure that limits our ability to attract new businesses and create jobs. By investing in modern infrastructure, including roads, bridges, and broadband access, we can improve connectivity and make it easier for businesses to operate in this place that we call home.

Introducing manufacturing and technology companies to rural communities will bring high-paying jobs to our district and help to diversify our local economies. These companies will create jobs, and stimulate economic growth in our community. When we couple this with sensible solutions to improve education in the 25th District, this will make it easier for our young residents to build their lives here and build businesses of their own.


If you have an idea for rebuilding rural America, I want to hear what you have to say. Send me a message to make sure that your voice is heard.


It's time for a Representative who will finally fight for us.


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