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Meet Matthew

Matthew Lucci is a native Texan and medical technology entrepreneur who is fighting to end the fentanyl crisis.


He was born in Fort Worth and raised in a small Texas town as the second of seven siblings.
He was homeschooled by his mother (a former preschool teacher) and played youth baseball in towns like Burleson, Joshua, and Godley. A conservative Christian, Matthew served alongside his family in the children's ministry at Freedom Church in Burleson, and now attends church with his beautiful wife, Yendry near their home in Arlington.

Matthew worked multiple jobs to pay his way through college at Navarro, SMU, and the University of Texas at Tyler, earning his Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering when he was only 21 years old. Every step of the way, Matthew has been a servant leader, advocating for those in need and leading by example.

When a close friend died of an opioid overdose, Matthew started Runatek, a medical technology company that is developing devices for pain management while detecting opioids in post-surgical patients. His goal is to end the opioid crisis that has taken the lives of too many friends and family members across the country, including the latest wave of fentanyl pouring across our southern border.


Matthew has volunteered with local school districts to teach underprivileged children to read and served hungry families with the Tarrant Area Food Bank. Matthew serves as an advisor and mentor to medical technology companies in the DFW area, as well as an adjunct professor of mechanical engineering at UTT. He also sits on the industry advisory board for BioNTX, building job training programs for North Texans to earn high-paying jobs in manufacturing and technology.

Matthew has always had a heart for helping those in need and a track record of delivering results. When there's a need, he rises to the occasion and gets things done. He's ready to usher in a new generation of bold leadership, and deliver results for the 25th district of Texas.

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