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End the Fentanyl Crisis

Too many of our brothers and sisters are dying of opioid overdoses. Too many of our children are dying of fentanyl poisoning. And too few of our representatives are doing anything to stop it. In fact, Texas has seen an 80% increase in overdose deaths in the last year, and Young County leads the state in overdose deaths per capita. We have to act now to save the lives of our loved ones.


After my close friend died of a drug overdose, I dedicated my life to ending the drug crisis in America. From founding a medical technology company to advocating for sensible solutions for overdose prevention, I spend every day working to save lives. I will continue my advocacy in congress and bring solutions to the table, not just talking points. Here's what I'm going to do in congress:

I will introduce a bill to make it a federal offense to sell any drugs laced with deadly fentanyl. Fentanyl poisoning should be considered murder, and we should prosecute drug dealers that poison our children.

I will fight to expand access to mental health care. Mental illness and addiction are significant drivers of rising healthcare costs, and they destroy lives. Expanding access to mental health care is critical to ensuring that individuals have the resources and support they need to address mental health issues, especially our veterans. By expanding access to mental health care, we can reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and ensure that we receive the care that we need to lead healthy, fulfilling lives.

I will work to streamline the process for medical device companies to gain FDA clearance for addiction prevention and recovery devices. This will bring new treatments to the market at a lower cost, ensuring accessibility for anyone who needs life-saving devices and medications at a reasonable cost.

For information on how you or your organization can receive life-saving medication to reverse an opioid overdose, click here. The linked site contains resources for identifying an opioid overdose (such as fentanyl) and administering naloxone/narcan to save a life.

If you have an idea for helping our community end the drug crisis, I want to hear what you have to say. Send me a message to make sure that your voice is heard.


It's time for a Representative who will finally fight for us.


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