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Matthew Lucci Cut Taxes

Cut Taxes

The government takes too much of our hard-earned money. Our members of congress find creative ways to funnel millions into their own pockets, and we need to keep their greedy hands off of our dollars.

In addition to signing a pledge to donate half of my congressional salary to nonprofit charities making a difference in our district, I will fight to cut taxes and keep more of your money in your bank account. In my first term as congressman, I will introduce an amendment to cut taxes for everyday families, reducing the tax rate and improving deductions for those of us struggling to get by.

I will never vote for a tax increase, and will work to make sure that Washington finally balances its budget, just like every business and family has to do. 


If you have an idea for cutting taxes in America, I want to hear what you have to say. Send me a message to make sure that your voice is heard.


It's time for a Representative who will finally fight for us.


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