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Matthew Lucci for Congress

A Conservative Texan fighting to END THE FENTANYL CRISIS and Take Our Country Back in the 25th District of Texas

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Key Issues

We have a growing crisis at our border. Congress has made it worse in the last decade. I will fund the border wall, support our border patrol, and fight against the Mexican drug cartels.

My opponent has voted to increase the national debt dozens of times. As a result, Congress is overspending and mortgaging our kids' future to enrich themselves.

The government takes too much of our hard-earned money. I will never vote for a tax increase, and
I will introduce legislation to cut taxes in my first term.

We need high paying jobs that are accessible in the district. As an entrepreneur,
I will fight for manufacturing, technology, and small businesses to set up and grow in our district.

Our veterans should be able to receive care at any healthcare facility in the country. In my first term, I'll introduce legislation to expand the VA Mission Act.

God's children are not for sale. That's why I authored the Congressional Pledge to Fight Human Trafficking that has been signed by candidates across the country.

Education is our ticket out of poverty. A great education, including  trade school, and job training programs, should be accessible without radical indoctrination.

I'm 100% pro-life. I will push for a federal ban on abortion, stand up for foster care and adoption, and fight to increase  quality of life in our district.

Too many of our kids are dying from fentanyl poisoning. I will crack down on illicit fentanyl and champion new technologies to prevent addiction and overdose.

Congress has FAILED us

The border isn't secure. Thousands of Texans are dying of fentanyl poisoning. Thousands of veterans are still sleeping on the streets. The national debt is at an all-time high. Everyday Americans are struggling to make ends meet while our politicians put money into their own pockets.

Even with all this, our current congressman hasn't passed any legislation into law in nearly a decade. He lived outside the district for 10 years. He took over $1.4 million of our tax dollars to prop up his multi-million-dollar car dealership, while becoming one of the richest members of congress.

It's time for someone that actually represents us. It's time for a Representative who will finally deliver for our district. It's time to TAKE OUR COUNTRY BACK.

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